ePlus inc. Joins the Cybersecurity Association of Maryland as a Cornerstone Sponsor

Columbia - August 23, 2023 - The Cybersecurity Association of Maryland, Inc. (CAMI) today
announced ePlus inc. (ePlus) as a Cornerstone Sponsor of CAMI’s Center for Cyber Resilience.
Lee Waskevich, vice president of security strategy at ePlus, said “We’re delighted to be a
Cornerstone Sponsor for CAMI as we believe our expertise aligns with the Center’s mission to
present trusted cybersecurity knowledge and actionable resources to state and local government
agencies, and beyond. Our customers rely on us to advise, diagnose, predict, map, secure and
protect all facets of their organization. Whether serving as a virtual CISO, providing tools and
intelligence to prepare for and monitor risk, or managing IT, data or other security services on
their behalf, we help organizations foster security and reliability by design from end to end.”

ePlus’ involvement comes at a critical time for CAMI, as the organization increases its
collaboration and knowledge sharing efforts with state and local government agencies. A
representative from CAMI currently serves as Vice Chair of the Modernize Maryland Oversight
Commission, whose mandate includes safeguarding the confidentiality, integrity and availability
of residents’ data used by state agencies. In recent years, CAMI has also broadened its
membership to include state and local agencies who prioritize cybersecurity as an operational
priority; its partnership with ePlus will ensure that educational resources for these members will
be relevant and tactical.

“We’re thrilled that ePlus, a Cisco Gold Partner, will contribute its expertise and passion for
protecting state and local government agencies to our Center for Cyber Resilience,” added Tasha
Cornish, CAMI’s Executive Director. “We depend on these agencies to provide essential
services and maintain critical infrastructure. These agencies typically have limited resources for
their IT systems and competing priorities. ePlus has a strong track record of customer success in
the state, local, education (SLED) market, and will be an invaluable resource for the Center and
its members.”

About ePlus inc.
ePlus has an unwavering and relentless focus on leveraging technology to create inspired and
transformative business outcomes for its customers. Offering a robust portfolio of solutions, as
well as a broad range of consultative and managed services across the technology spectrum,
ePlus has proudly achieved more than 30 years of success, carrying customers forward through
adversity, rapidly changing environments, and other obstacles. ePlus is a trusted advisor,

bringing expertise, credentials, talent and a thorough understanding of innovative technologies,
spanning security, cloud, data center, networking, collaboration and emerging solutions, to
organizations across all industry segments. With complete lifecycle management services and
flexible payment solutions, ePlus’ more than 1,850 associates are focused on cultivating positive
customer experiences and are dedicated to their craft, harnessing new knowledge while applying
decades of proven experience. ePlus is headquartered in Virginia, with locations in the United
States, UK, Europe, and Asia‚ÄźPacific. For more information, visit www.eplus.com, call 888-
482-1122, or email info@eplus.com. Connect with ePlus on LinkedIn , Twitter, Facebook,
and Instagram. 

About CAMI
The Cybersecurity Association of Maryland, Inc. (CAMI) is 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization
established in 2015. With their 675+ members, CAMI is leading the advancement of
cybersecurity through advocacy and collaboration. The organization strives to help members
form connections with each other, industry resources and potential private and public sector
buyers. Additionally, CAMI provides free cybersecurity incident response advice to Maryland
businesses with its Cyber SWAT Team, composed of select organization members.