Cyber SWAT Team: A Cybersecurity Incident Hotline for Businesses

Call the Cyber SWAT Team hotline directly at (443) 853-1970
You can also email us at

CAMI has a membership of 500+ cyber security professionals and businesses that are available to support your business. To leverage this resource, CAMI has established a cybersecurity breach incident hotline for businesses. Email (or fill out our form by clicking the blue button below) to be put in contact with a CAMI member cybersecurity company. One cyber professional will be in touch with you within 1 hour to help triage your incident and will then provide you with resources and introductions that can help your business respond.

There is no cost for this hotline service providing information and referrals to third party cybersecurity companies. Our CAMI member Cyber SWAT Team participants have volunteered to give their time to businesses in need of information, resources and referrals to make informed decisions to keep your business afloat amidst a cybersecurity crisis. 

Geopolitical tensions and Staying Cyber Secure

During these uncertain times, with an evolving Russian cyber threat to the US, we are more vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks than ever before. This comes at a time when hackers are already preying on our distraction during the transition to remote and hybrid workplaces. While the state and federal government will be protecting our critical infrastructure, we don't want to forget our businesses. Many of these businesses are relied upon to deliver critical services, and we need to make sure they are available and operating.

What Is Cyber Insurance and Why Is It the New Must Have for Businesses?

Check out this blog from PSA Insurance on cyber insurance for four essential coverage sections:

  1. Direct Cyber Incident & Breach Response Expenses
  2. Indirect Cyber Incident and Breach Response Expenses
  3. Your liability to others for allowing a breach or incident to occur
  4. Cybercrime

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